Forecourt separators services

Forecourt separators services

Forecourt separator (interceptor) installation and maintenance

Adler and Allan has a highly experienced team of forecourt separator installation and maintenance experts who can specify, supply, install, clean and maintain standard or bespoke oil separators (interceptors) to the most stringent standards.

Forecourt separator installation

We are one of the country’s leading separator installers, working with blue chip companies and major utility providers. Our clients include the Environment Agency, National Grid, First Hydro and many more public and private sector groups throughout the UK.

For separator installations where there is insufficient information regarding the equipment’s current condition and functionality, Adler and Allan can also carry out a Separator System Audit.

Forecourt separator service and maintenance

Essential for avoiding pollution on forecourts, separators trap harmful substances before they enter the surrounding area. If they are not serviced and become blocked, apart from the pollution risk, flooding can also be a problem as water cannot run off-site.

As well as preventing pollution, a regular separator maintenance contract is needed to provide the information required for service log scrutiny during environmental inspections. The Environment Agency standard, PPG3 and European standard, EN858-2, both state that forecourt separators should be serviced at least twice a year and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Adler and Allan offer one to five year service contracts for separator maintenance.

For more information about separator maintenance, click here.

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