Ethanol Coalescing Filter

Remove Ethanol and BTEX Components From Separator Surface Water

All businesses that use forecourts and pumps; such as retail outlets, hauliers’ yards, aviation and distribution companies; have to deal with hydro carbon polluted water, discharged from on-site separators. This water, if not filtered correctly, can release harmful BTEX compounds into the environment – potentially cancerous substances that will pollute ground and surface water.

Adler & Allan’s Ethanol Coalescing Filter (patent pending*) is the only coalescing filter that removes these BTEX compounds, helping organisations meet stringent Environment Agency pollution guidelines.

The first of its kind, the Ethanol Coalescing Filter removes 90 per cent* of all BTEX components, and is easy to fit, attaching to existing separators without any requirement for modification or upheaval. The Ethanol Filter has undergone rigorous independent performance tests, with results analysed by the National Laboratories under the Environment Agency’s MCERTS certification scheme.

Alongside the Ethanol Coalescing Filter system, Adler & Allan offers a complete forecourt solution service package, including separator installation and maintenance, fuel tank cleaning and fuel testing.

For more information on what the Ethanol Coalescing Filter can do, please read The Biofuel Paradox Story

*Patent Pending, application nos. GB 1313913.4 & PCT/GB2014/052325

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Ethanol Coalescing Filter Online Enquiry Form.

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