Fuel tank services

Fuel tank services

From fuel tank installation to tank removal, we’ve got it covered

Adler and Allan’s fuel tank services cover everything any business that stores or transports fuel should need, ensuring fuel quality, safe handling and the right tank for your organisations specific needs.

Fuel tankering

Whether carrying fuel and other bulk liquids and products, or removing waste oil, we have the most suitable tanker to ensure safe and efficient transportation. Adler and Allan has a comprehensive fleet of tankers (including Pet Reg), curtain siders and Hiabs to manage all types of tankering.

Fuel tank installation

Tank installation that exceeds legislative requirements, complete with full-site survey, recommendations for the best materials, a full guarantee and comprehensive maintenance programme.

Fuel tank inspection

Regular storage tank inspections are essential to minimise the risk of tank failure, fuel contamination and potentially lethal leakage.

Fuel tank testing

Utilising the services of E&S Environmental and its state-of-the-art fuel testing laboratory, E&S specialises in the diagnostic testing of tanks, lines and vapour recovery systems, as well as in pipeline leak detection and road tanker vehicle testing.

Fuel tank cleaning

Cost-effective and fast tank cleaning, including mobile tank cleaning using the most advanced technologies available; from retail forecourts to major refinery and military holding tanks.

Fuel tank repair

Above or below ground fuel tank repair, carried out by fully qualified, expert welders, using the most technologically advanced testing to verify integrity.

Gauge, alarm and pump services

Oil tank gauges and tank alarms effectively reduce the risks to the environment of accidental over-fills or spills. It is essential that this equipment is regularly inspected and serviced by qualified engineers.

Bund lining systems

Bund lining to protect and extend the life of your tanks, including Polyurea spray lining, suitable for fuel tank bund linings and practically any external or internal surface; the toughest and most durable lining available to our industry.

Fuel tank purging and decommissioning

Oil tank purging and general waste removal in accordance with Environment Agency guidelines and best practice, from draining to remote mechanical cleaning, plus the issue of necessary certification.

Tank removal

Adler and Allan specialises in complete tank removal in both above and below ground scenarios, utilising hot and cold cutting equipment and company-owned excavation and craneage plant.

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