Mechanical and Electrical Services

Comprehensive Mechanical and Electrical Services for Tank Owners and Operators

The Adler & Allan Group provides a full range of M&E services to storage tank owners and operators in the fuel, water, chemical and manufacturing sectors.

We carry out installation, inspection, testing, cleaning, servicing, repair and removal of storage tanks and pollution prevention equipment. Our services include the most technologically advanced diagnostic testing procedures available.

We can support a wide range of civil works such as groundworks, excavation trenches and concreting, and we handle all types of pipework above and below ground. We advise on pollution prevention, as well as health and safety.

Adler and Allan and E&S Environmental provide a range of fuel distribution and specialist fuel services, supporting facilities managers in ensuring both a constant and quality fuel supply.

E&S Environmental, part of the Adler & Allan Group, are the leading providers of services for forecourt owners and their facilities managers, such as petrol stations, major retailers and petroleum suppliers.

Adler & Allan offers a variety of flood mitigation services to support facilities managers across a wide range of sectors.

As part of our Total Facilities Management Support Service, we offer environmental consultancy and site audits to help you identify environmental risks and the safety and pollution prevention measures that are most appropriate – whatever the business or scale of site.

Whether you are a facilities manager looking for assistance with Planning Permission to redevelop property for an alternative use, or to sell land holdings, our contaminated land and remediation facilities management support services are designed to reduce costs and minimise both legal and financial liabilities.

Adler & Allan is one of the UK’s leading companies in emergency spill response support.

Our technical services extend to road tanker inspection and testing, and remote fuel monitoring of multiple fuel stocks.

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) refers to the steps businesses should take to make sure their plant and machinery operate correctly, while meeting safety and legislative requirements.

Our services cover all aspects of tank operation, from installation, inspection and testing to cleaning and repairs. We undertake guage, alarm and pump servicing, tank and bund lining, and tank purging and removal.

Adler and Allan’s protective coatings and linings are suitable for fuel tanks and bunding, pipelines, roof linings, oil storage tanks, floor lining and boats; practically any external or internal surface.

We provide a full environmental plant maintenance service, including the installation and servicing of separators (interceptors).