Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring, including Shut off Valves and telemetry systems

Remote monitoring is an essential early warning tool to prevent environmental spills, flooding and even dwindling fuel supplies. Adler & Allan can install and maintain remote monitoring equipment for separators and bunds, as well as supply Automatic Shut off Valves and the telemetry systems which allow our customers to receive up to date information about their monitored equipment, wherever they are in the world.

In addition to alerting clients, Adler & Allan can also be tuned into remote monitoring systems, responding where necessary – to prevent spills, mitigate floods and replenish fuel stocks.

Separator (interceptor) monitoring

Oil separators are typically installed in drainage systems below ground. Separator alarms warn of excessive liquid levels, preventing flooding and pollution. All Adler & Allan oil separator alarms are offered with an installation and service package designed to comply with European Standards and the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG3.

Bund monitoring

Bunds are a watertight secondary containment area constructed around oil (or chemical) storage facilities to prevent leaks and spills polluting watercourses. A Bund Water Control Unit is a cost effective de-watering solution providing best practice for the environmental management of bunded areas, ensuring a site is compliant with Pollution Prevention Guide 2.

Automatic shut off valves

Automatic shut off valves are designed to contain pollutants, oil spills and firewater run-off, providing a speedy and cost effective solution when compared with penstocks and mechanical gates, with significantly less maintenance. Thanks to a unique adaptor plate, automatic shut off valves can be fitted directly to an existing flange, pipes or to the wall within a chamber and ensures compliance with PPG 18.

The Adler & Allan Telemetry System

Adler & Allan’s telemetry system enables quick and easy control of a range of remote monitoring and alarming applications using a low cost but very intelligent hardware. The four inputs can work with a range of sensors, meters and other signals, giving a high degree of flexibility, including a quad-band GSM modem to provide global operation and low cost GPRS transfer.

Wireless and online monitoring 24/7 365 days, across the globe: Adler and Allan specialise in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of GSM telemetry and radio systems. Adler & Allan’s Web Monitoring System acts alerts of potential pollution incidents before they happen and meet the Environment Agency’s stringent guidelines relating to all alarms.

Adler & Allan’s Web Interfaced Monitoring System allows clients to either monitor their own alarms and system or for Adler & Allan to undertake this service on a 24/7, 365 days a year service contract.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Remote Monitoring Online Enquiry Form.

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