Fuel Quality

The Importance of Maintaining High Fuel Quality

The costs of contaminated fuel are high – many organisations rely on it as a power source, so if not up to scratch, it can cause operational downtime, while damaging the equipment that runs on it, as well as preventing essential transport.

A regular maintenance programme can reduce these risks and extend the useful life of stored fuel. Adler & Allan has over 30 years’ experience in fuel quality services, and E&S Environmental is the market leader in fuel polishing and tank cleaning, with a state-of-the-art laboratory and mobile fuel testing facilities.

All fuel systems are vulnerable to contamination by water, where a bio-fuel is used, this water can cause microbes to grow causing damaging sludge. Contaminated fuel is harmful to tank interiors, the pipework leading to tanks, filters and seals. Within an engine, contaminated fuel affects injectors and cause incomplete combustion, carbon build-up, smoke, loss of power and possibly engine failure. EU Directives on bio-fuels and EU Standards for bio-diesel have increased the need for more frequent and higher standards of maintenance.

E&S Environmental delivers fuel testing from its UKAS accredited laboratory or on-site, covering all petroleum refined fuels, diesel, gas oil and kerosene, using the latest techniques and meeting British standards.

E&S’ laboratory is one of only a handful of laboratories in the UK which can test fuel samples to ASTM and EN ISO standards. Testing is carried out by qualified technicians using the very best equipment on the market. Accurate results are delivered straight to our clients via email, with fixed price or bespoke packages available, depending on requirements.

Prevention is better than cure. A regular maintenance programme to keep fuel in pristine condition will reduce the risk of operational downtime, safeguard expensive equipment and maintain the reputation of your business and its services.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Fuel Quality Online Enquiry Form.

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A&A dealt with the tanker leak very professionally, effectively and had very good knowledge of your work…
Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service

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