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Strategic asset consultancy

Professional services for the water, energy, and environment sectors.

Generating and protecting value for clients, throughout the asset lifecycle.

Group company Aqua Consultants provides a wide range of consultative asset management, engineering, and commercial services to its clients, helping them to understand and optimise their assets with strategic support around capital projects, business plans and investment, delivering value from asset creation through to operation.

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  • Developing and delivering procurement and contract strategy.
  • Cost estimation and planning throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Optimising decisions on need, scope, cost, and risk of the investment portfolio.
  • Innovative technology solutions for automating engineering design and costing.
  • Improving and making best use of asset data to deliver the right business solution.
  • Providing industry-leading organisational and delivery models to meet the needs of your business plan.
I am very pleased with the work that Aqua Consultants have delivered for Welsh Water which ranges from tactical to strategic asset management support. Aqua Consultants help with the development of our thinking for PR24 has been invaluable.

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