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Asset management consultancy

Managing infrastructure asset portfolios.

Our asset management services via our group company Aqua Consultants, cover all aspects of managing infrastructure asset portfolios. We offer advice, decision support, strategic and regulatory business planning, transformation, program definition and optimisation, asset knowledge and modelling. 

Our commercial approach to engineering enables organisations to achieve the best value from their assets, reduce the whole life cost of ownership and deliver the right service outcomes for their customers.

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Features and outputs

  • Improving and making best use of asset data to deliver the right business solution.
  • Working with customers and stakeholders to deliver the right services through time.
  • Leading or supporting on development of periodic business plans.
  • Providing confidence in business performance using industry recognised systems and processes.
  • Providing industry-leading organisational and delivery models to meet the needs of your business plan.

Added value

Data efficiency

Our data analytical skills help companies to make the best use of the data they hold.

Simplifying data

Combining engineering insight with robust modelling and simple to use graphical tools to represent complex data in a format which can easily be used by operational teams.


Our analysis identifies up to 30% of interruptions 1 to 5 days before they happen.

Data analysis

We examine indicators such as flow variations, weather variables and network characteristics to identify signals that an interruption is likely to occur.

Asset strategy

Strategic advisory supporting regulated and non-regulated clients with asset strategy. We contribute to the development of strategic objectives of the organisations we work with and overlay their operating context. This context is important to understand to develop investment and operational responses that continue to deliver service through time, predicting where significant opportunity and risk lies within the asset base.

Asset intelligence

Our data driven solutions improve service and performance.

We support some of the most significant challenges in the infrastructure sectors including customer service, regulatory performance, Net Zero and asset deterioration. We hold data engineering frameworks with our key clients to make best use of their data, reduce ‘snow blinding’ and provide genuine insight and action.

We have examined indicators such as flow variations, weather variables and network characteristics to identity signals that an interruption is likely to occur. Our analysis is identifying up to 30% of interruptions 1 to 5 days before they happen, allowing pro-active leak detection efforts to identify a small leak before it becomes a big problem or putting operational teams on alert to resource a response for a failure in a particular area.

Regulatory business planning

We are experts in providing regulatory business planning support to clients, regulators, and mediators. We have several toolkits we can deploy to design and develop the regulatory business planning submissions, assure, and audit regulatory plans and can act in an expert role to challenge the engineering and cost solutions proposed by client organisations in water and gas sectors.

We have successfully supported several companies to achieve more from their regulatory plans including expert reports on engineering and commercial performance against comparators to prove efficiency and value to the customer. 

Governance and assurance

We provide strategic advice on establishing controls through the HM Treasury 3 lines of defence model. We build business processes around 1st and 2nd line controls and can clearly articulate the purpose and importance of these for our clients and their colleagues.

We provide external auditing of systems, processes, and people in regulated sectors, with specialisms in commercial, cost, engineering, and asset management. We have delivered numerous due diligence exercises for clients to provide their executive with confidence, with a focus on improvement areas and appropriate solutions.

Target operating model and delivery vehicle

Utilising cross sector and industry best practices, we have developed several leading organisational and delivery models that our clients can tailor to their individual requirements, at pace. Our models utilise international standards, HM Treasury frameworks and Association of Project Managers methodology benchmarked against ICE’s Project 13 requirements. Our team work rapidly to customise the model supporting major transformation programmes.

We deploy lean methodologies to streamline business processes, provide support on behavioural change and consolidate the transformation programmes into clear benefits statements.

Aqua Consultants have played a key part in the AMS contract and worked tirelessly to ensure we get best value for money. We see Aqua Consultants as an extension of our team at Severn Trent, they are easy to work with, provide a lot of great data and we trust the decisions they make. Overall, we really enjoy working with Aqua Consultants and the expertise they bring to the table.

Contract Specialist, Severn Trent

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