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Engineering consultancy

Delivering value to clients throughout the project lifecycle.

Our engineering services via our group company Aqua Consultants, deliver value for our clients throughout the project lifecycle - getting design right first time, challenging decisions that influence investment need or scale, and ensuring assets are fully commissioned prior to handover to operations. We also provide innovative technology solutions that drive efficiency in design and optioneering for water and energy sector assets.

Our concept engineering service provides the client with a typical opportunity to secure more than 20% savings, known as the generating efficiency stage.

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Features and outputs

  • Optimising decisions on need, scope, cost, and risk of the investment portfolio.
  • Ensuring the plant meets required performance criteria and is optimised for operation.
  • Rapid assessment of optimum solutions to meet business needs.
  • Innovative technology solutions for automating engineering design and costing.
  • A multi-disciplinary design team to meet your project needs.

Commercial engineering

We have successfully applied this methodology at all stages of the value chain, it provides our clients with choice, delivers value and present opportunity to optimise Totex expenditure.

We develop colleagues with this mind set and support them with our in-house tools to reduce cost and appraise technical solutions, this aids our clients to balance their investment portfolios and achieve the requirements of the project business cases.

Process commissioning

We are proud of the experience we have within the chemical and process discipline. We have practical experience of developing commissioning plans and delivering process commissioning on complex process mechanical equipment. We can provide end to end understanding of the process design and support with onsite commissioning to provide timely hand back and evidence process performance.

Concept engineering

We have worked with several clients to develop concept engineering processes. Concept engineering allows the client to drive significant value at the early stage of the project. Rapidly assessing the engineering options in order to outperform the business plan allowances.

We utilise totex thinking and sprint methodologies with standard processes and commercial input to quickly identify projects which present the most opportunity or most stress within the investment portfolio.

This service provides the client with a typical opportunity to secure more than 20% savings, known as the generating efficiency stage. We have expert teams of engineers covering multiple disciplines including process, MEICA and civil across water, gas and environment.

Automated engineering

We have successfully developed software solutions to support with concept level engineering challenges. Auto Utility is an Aqua solution which automates gas and water pipeline design. This has the ability to engineer requirements, customised to the individual clients expectation and produce a feasibility design and cost.

Detailed design

We work with several contractor organisations, who are accountable for delivering infrastructure. We offer a tailored design service from one off support to fully outsourced design service. We also hold several partnerships with contractors predominantly in the water sector where we provide compliant design services, which are controlled by the contractor, a ‘contractor led design’.

We have detailed understanding of asset standards, engineering specifications and requirements of British standards, Euro Codes, and industry best practice.

Aqua Consultants supported the development of our cost intelligence strategy, providing valuable industry expertise across cost capture, cost modelling, benchmarking and assurance.

Cost Intelligence Manager, Canal and River Trust

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