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Energy division

Managing today's assets and transforming infrastructure to prepare for a Net-Zero future.

The UK has set itself a target to achieve Net-Zero by 2050. The next 25 years will see the most changing and dynamic energy market of the last 100 years.

Organisations are balancing maintaining an ageing infrastructure with rocketing energy costs. There is a delicate balancing act happening everywhere between extending the lifespan of existing assets and defining the precise moment to transition to new energy infrastructure according to each organisation’s unique strategy.

Our near 100-year experience and heritage in traditional hydrocarbon energy means we understand your ageing assets and how to extend their lifespan until such time as you are ready to transition your energy mix.

We are now building the sustainable energy infrastructure of the future, but even new energy solutions such as electric, HVO and hydrogen all have their own environmental risks associated. We understand these risks, which makes us well placed as your strategic energy transition partner.

We help organisations maintain and transform their energy infrastructure by designing, installing, inspecting, maintaining, certifying, decommissioning and future-proofing, so that they can comply, maintain operational capability, protect revenue, innovate and build the energy future, whilst hitting their ESG capabilities.

We do this in a way no one else can, because only we have full in-house capability, accessible across a nationwide depot network.

We are working with the UKs biggest businesses to deliver these services:

Maintaining ageing infrastructure

  • Fuel storage and containment
  • Drainage and separators
  • Fuel management
  • Fuel infrastructure
  • Hazardous and specialist electrical
  • Planned preventive maintenance
  • Linings
  • Liquid and gas automated processes
  • Fluid transfer
  • Additive and blending

Energy transition

  • Alternative fuels (HVO)
  • Fuel grade changes
  • ESOS energy audits
  • Net-Zero strategy

Low carbon/Net-Zero infrastructure

  • EV infrastructure and maintenance
  • Hydrogen infrastructure
  • Decommissioning

Our services ensure you reduce the risk of environmental damage, regulatory fines, operational downtime, and reputation damage, while keeping up with customer requirements and managing costs.

We work with the following customers

  • Electricity distribution
  • Liquid fuels storage and transport
  • Forecourts
  • Gas and upstream and terminals
  • Logistics and transport
  • Defence

Managing Director, Energy Division

Andrew Clarke

Managing Director, Energy Division

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