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Women Making Waves

Empowering women in our Group

Women Making Waves is a vibrant community that brings together women across various roles and levels within the group.

Its mission? To empower, connect, and elevate women in environmental excellence:

  • Support and mentorship: Women Making Waves provides a safe space for women to share experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Whether you’re an entry-level engineer or a seasoned project manager, Women Making Waves offers mentorship programs where professionals guide and uplift their peers.
  • Professional development: Regular workshops, webinars, and training sessions focus on skill development, leadership, and career advancement. From technical skills to environmental strategies, Women Making Waves ensures that women have access to resources that enhance their professional growth.
  • Visibility and recognition: Women Making Waves celebrates achievements! Spotlight features, awards, and recognition ceremonies highlight the outstanding contributions of women within the Adler and Allan Group. Their accomplishments are not only acknowledged but also celebrated across the organisation.
  • Collaboration and advocacy: Women Making Waves collaborates with other affinity groups, fostering cross-functional connections. They actively advocate for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. Whether it’s participating in industry conferences or organising panel discussions, Women Making Waves amplifies women’s voices.
  • Breaking barriers: Women Making Waves hosts regular forums where women share stories of overcoming obstacles. These narratives inspire others, break stereotypes, and pave the way for a more inclusive workplace.

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