Contaminated Land Management

Contaminated Land Investigation and Environmental Risk Assessment

Whether you are looking for assistance with Planning Permission, to redevelop property for an alternative use, or to sell land holdings, our service is designed to reduce costs and ensure the minimisation of both legal and financial liabilities. Our contaminated land investigation and environmental risk assessment services adhere with guidance issued by the Environment Agency and Defra, broadly comprising of the following steps:

  1. Preliminary, qualitative and quantitative environmental risk assessments
  2. Contaminated land options appraisal and design
  3. Implementation of ground remediation works

Preliminary Risk Assessment

Preliminary Risk Assessments (PRA) require collection of web-based data relating to environmental sensitivity and the construction of a Conceptual Site Model, forming the basis of the qualitative risk assessment. They are often sufficient to discharge planning conditions in their own right. On sites with a contaminative history they are an essential first step in the investigation process required by Local Authority Planners.

Quantitative Risk Assessment and Remediation Options Appraisal

Should the Preliminary Risk Assessment identify potential environmental liabilities, our Site Investigation services provide the information required to take the assessment to the level of Generic and Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment. We have a nationwide team of consultants experienced in the assessment of risks to human health and Controlled Waters, using experience and professional judgment in the application of various risk assessment software packages.

Adler & Allan’s service include:

  • The design, implementation and supervision of site investigations to examine the potential areas causing contamination identified in the preliminary risk assessment;
  • The completion of generic and site specific risk assessments for both environmental and human health receptors;
  • The screening and detailed evaluation of groundwater and/or soil remediation options prior to finalising selection of the most appropriate technique;
  • The design and implementation of contaminated land remedial technologies so as to reduce the impact of the site to the environment; via either in-situ or ex-situ methods.

Following contaminated land investigation and risk assessment, Adler & Allan also provides post spill land remediation services.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Contaminated Land Management Online Enquiry Form.

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