Failed Wind Turbine Removal

Waste management

The Project

Wind turbines sometimes suffer catastrophic failures, breaking up into sections when falling to the ground. Adler and Allan can remove and compliantly dispose of any wind turbine section from the gearbox, brake adjuster unit, tower, nose cone or the blades. When turbines collapse, they often end up fragmented over a large area and sections can embed into the ground. When this happens, the other clean up issue can be from gear and hydraulic oil which can spill from the turbine and needs recovering.

The Solution

Initially our operations team will attend the site to do a survey and prepare a plan for the recovery and removal of the turbine and oil. Our engineers will break up the pieces using Oxy /Propane equipment and remove them for disposal or recycling. Wind turbines are made from fibreglass and specialist resins which will often end up fragmented over a larger area due to the impact of the turbine hitting the ground. Fibreglass can have a negative impact on wildlife, so once all the larger pieces have been removed, our teams will perform an extensive litter pick of the area to ensure no remnants remain.

Once all the pieces of the turbine have been removed, if oil has also spilled, we would begin a clean-up of the gross contamination using small pumps to pump the oil into IBCs to record the oil volumes recovered.

Once we believe the area is clear of oil and debris our contaminated land team would take validation samples and once the area is deemed ready for remediation we would import local soils from a site agreed by the client and make the area right.

The Outcome

An operation like this can take weeks or months to complete depending on complexity, with further time required for contaminated land remediation work to remove fibreglass debris and oil. The most important thing is to get your operation back up and running quickly and compliantly, avoiding any negative PR, ensuring the land is restored to its former state.