Girl Power

Franchesca Emery tells us about being a woman in electrical engineering

Franchesca Emery joined AMGS (part of the Adler and Allan Group) recently to progress her career onto becoming a CompEx electrician.

Franchesca left sixth form after completing AS Levels to undertake a four-year apprenticeship to become an electrician. 

Not only did she overcome the barrier of being one of only two female learners, but she was also described as “one of the standout trainees”.

“I want to work hard and prove that you can do whatever you want when you put your mind to it and decide that you want change,” said Franchesca.

At Adler and Allan her first role was testing the latest MFG rapid electric vehicle charging hub.

Franchesca’s role will see her carrying out electrical pump tests on petrol stations as well as being right at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution testing EV charging points following installation by her colleagues.

Franchesca added: “I love that I’m in a different location every day, working with various types of old and new electrical wiring. Everyone at Adler and Allan has been so welcoming. Especially being a woman in the trade, everyone has treated me like an equal which is all I have ever wanted.”

We are delighted to support Franchesca as she supercharges her career!

International Women in Engineering Day 2021 #INWED21