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From PFAS to Lithium Batteries: Understanding Emerging Pollutants’ Business Impacts


In this webinar, our Chief Scientific Advisor, Bill Atkinson, explores several pollutants of concern along with strategies and insights to help you successfully navigate them.

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Key topics

  • Four key pollutants of concern: poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), compounds released from lithium batteries, nanoparticles, and endocrine disruptors
  • Their sources, environmental impacts, regulatory landscapes, and potential risks they pose to businesses
  • The knowledge and insights you need to navigate the evolving environmental landscape
  • A case study based on a real-life major project that we have undertaken

As businesses strive to meet environmental regulations, reduce their ecological footprint, and safeguard public health, a nuanced understanding of these pollutants is imperative.

About the presenter

Bill is our Chief Scientific Advisor and leads a team that provide 24/7 emergency chemical incident advice to the public and emergency services worldwide.

He also heads up the Pollutants Advisory Group, combining technical and practical experts to learn from the challenges presented by large projects that we have been involved in and apply this more widely to benefit our clients.

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