Revolutionising management of forever chemicals: our award-winning PFAS solution

Published: 13 November 2023

In a world where environmental challenges are increasingly pressing and often involving a range of complex pollutants, recognition of our groundbreaking approach to tackling PFAS is a great achievement. We’re delighted this innovative work earned us the prestigious ’Inland Responder – Large Incident’ and ‘Innovator of the Year’ awards at the UK & Ireland Spill Association Annual Awards.

The challenge: a massive PFAS incident

The story began with an electrical fault in a fire safety system, leading to the release of over 14 million litres of PFAS-containing firefighting foam and water at a major energy infrastructure site. PFAS, or Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, are notorious for their persistence in the environment, earning them the nickname ‘forever chemicals’. The potential ecological and financial consequences of such a massive environmental incident were daunting.

Our response: ingenuity in action

In the face of this environmental emergency, we brought to life our commitment to safeguarding the environment and critical infrastructure. Within hours of the incident, our trained incident responders and a wide range of ground and marine recovery equipment were deployed to contain the spill and prevent further contamination.

The innovative PFAS solution

But containment was just one stage of the pioneering end-to-end solution we deployed to rapidly contain, treat, and process the escaped pollutants. Our innovative approach was remarkably effective, reducing PFAS levels from values above 100 to below 0.05 micrograms per litre. This groundbreaking achievement ensured that the cleaned water was safe for discharge, averting a high-profile pollution event and preventing a widespread power outage.

Data-driven clean-up

Our consultancy team conducted comprehensive data analysis to track the exact route of contamination across the site. This precise targeting of affected areas allowed for a more effective and efficient cleanup process.

Commitment to environmental protection and infrastructure security

This case study is a testament to the dedication of our workforce in protecting the environment and nationally critical infrastructure. Beyond our market-leading emergency response capabilities, we leveraged our considerable knowledge and expertise in hazardous chemical management and consultancy to deliver a complete turnkey solution. From emergency response to ongoing asset care, our approach ensured the minimisation of environmental, financial, and reputational costs.

Setting a new industry standard

Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in pollution management, control, and response is evident in our ground-breaking work. We're not just responding to environmental emergencies; we're revolutionising the industry and setting a new standard for environmental protection.

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