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Industry recognition for environmental excellence with 4 wins at the UK & Ireland Spill Association Annual Awards 2023

Published: 9 November 2023

Pollution prevention is at the core of our work, and we are proud to say our name stands out in the industry for our commitment to excellence.

This is no better demonstrated than our fantastic recognition at the UK & Ireland Spill Association Annual Awards evening, where we won 4 of the 7 prizes.

In a year of multiple high-profile pollution events that involved an ever-increasing range of complex pollutants, our team's technical capability, dedication, and agility have generated better environmental outcomes, which have once again been recognised by the lead industry body.

Let's take a closer look at how these award-winning projects help keep our environment, businesses and communities safer from pollution events.

1. Inland Responder – Large Incident

The award in this category recognised our extraordinary response to a fire and oil spill at a major energy infrastructure site. But it's not just about winning an award; it's about demonstrating our capability to handle large-scale environmental emergencies.

Our comprehensive turnkey solution not only minimised environmental, financial, and reputational costs but also showcased our commitment to providing unwavering support, from emergency response to ongoing asset care.

2. Marine/International Responder

Our response to a major harbour spill in March 2023 serves as a prime example of effective collaboration and environmental emergency management.

This award signifies not only our ability to mitigate the impact of the incident, but also sets a benchmark for Tiered Preparedness and Response. It demonstrates how we enable and support businesses to operate sustainably, emphasising the significance of partnerships and a unified approach in addressing environmental challenges. 

3. Innovation of the Year

In an era of evolving environmental concerns around complex pollutants, our innovative solution for capturing, treating, and discharging safe levels of PFAS-tainted products highlights our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

It's more than just a win; it's a demonstration of our proactive approach to tackling the number one emerging environmental issue in our industry right now. Our bespoke solution averted a high-profile pollution event and power outage, underscoring our dedication to addressing the industry's most pressing challenges.

4. Rising Star

We’re so pleased to recognise Abi Smith, our award-winning Rising Star, which underscores the importance of nurturing new talent and celebrating their outstanding achievements. Abi's commitment to quality, leadership qualities, and exceptional contributions highlight the culture of excellence that we foster within our workforce.

This award not only recognises Abi as an outstanding individual; it also acknowledges our dedication to developing and recognising talent. Thank you, Abbie, for all you are doing!

These achievements collectively underscore what Adler and Allan truly stands for. It's about continuing to grow a company that is dedicated to environmental improvement, innovation, and fostering the next generation of environmental leaders. Each award reflects the tireless efforts and commitment brought to the organisation by our exceptional workforce.

In a world where environmental challenges continue to grow, these achievements serve as a shining example of how our commitment to excellence can make a significant difference in pollution management, environmental emergency response, and sustainability. They are symbols of our pledge to safeguarding the environment for a better future.

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