Introducing AdlerView™

Adler and Allan exclusively introduce non-man entry, ATEX Zone 1 AdlerView™ device

19 February 2020, Market leading environmental risk reduction specialist Adler and Allan has exclusively introduced AdlerView™, a non-man entry, ATEX Zone 1 device for tank cleaning and visual inspections.

The market leading ATEX Zone 1 camera can be used to remotely inspect fuel tanks both above and below ground, from a van positioned up to 50 metres away.

The device vastly reduces the costs associated with removing tank lids and improves health and safety of traditional man-entry tank inspections.

As well as being ATEX Zone 1 registered, the AdlerView™ has improved lighting, control and movement and is waterproof. A full report and video of the inside of the tank will be produced on behalf of the client.

Andrew Clarke, Forecourt Services Managing Director, Adler and Allan, said: “The AdlerView™ means that clients can get faster, more accurate diagnosis of issues, with video evidence, meaning less downtime for their customers. The device also reduces the health and safety risks of man-entry tank inspections, as well as significantly reducing the associated costs.”

The announcement follows the news that Adler and Allan recently acquired LCM’s Fuel FM division, making it Britain’s biggest fuel management and quality provider. The AdlerView™ will be used on forecourts and defence sites across the UK.  

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