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Getting to know Max Godwin, Regional Health & Safety Manager

Meet the people behind our success as we unveil the stories, passions, and expertise of our dedicated team. Discover how their experience enables us to become a trusted environmental services partner for clients across the UK. This time, let's get to know Max Godwin, Regional Health & Safety Manager.

How did you get involved with health and safety?

My journey into health and safety wasn't a straight shot – far from it. In my early career, I took a diverse path, gaining experience in everything from assisting an elite sports coach to aviation route planning. This diverse exposure to different environments and people proved invaluable, shaping my communication skills and broadening my understanding of different work cultures.

Landing at Adler and Allan in 2015, I initially delved into the operational and planning aspects of the company. It wasn't until 2018 that I got a taste of the world of health and safety, a field that quickly grabbed my interest. By 2021, I officially transitioned into the role of Health & Safety Manager. The past few years have been a fantastic learning experience, allowing me to not only learn from the expertise of my SHEQ colleagues but also delve deeper into the environmental consultancy sector. I am currently on route to achieving Chartered Member status with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (CMIOSH), demonstrating my commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

What’s involved in health and safety at Adler and Allan?

My role encompasses a variety of responsibilities, including working with our quality and compliance teams to ensure our IMS (integrated management system) is implemented, conducting safety audits, and promoting a culture of responsible decision-making within the workplace. I'm proud that we now have the right team in place to deliver essential guidance and services to our employees. Additionally, I serve as a mental health first-aider for the region, which has been a rewarding experience. I’ve also ensured that we implement regular meetings with various teams and this has been essential in creating strong, collective relationships with team leaders.

As Adler and Allan expands through new acquisitions, navigating the complexities of each new venture presents its own set of challenges. Embracing these challenges head-on, I actively seek out knowledge to understand new legislation, service lines, and project intricacies.

What are the big issues in health and safety at the minute?

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. As we move forward, I believe the Act's core principles of ensuring a safe working environment remain paramount. I'm impressed by the significant advancements in people's awareness of health and safety, particularly in identifying hazards and understanding potential risks on projects. By fostering continuous engagement and education, we can further strengthen our commitment to a safe and healthy workplace for everyone at Adler and Allan.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Outside of work, I enjoy pushing my limits on the cricket pitch as an all-rounder. Recently, I received exciting news: I've been accepted into the London marathon this year! Completing this prestigious race is a personal goal I'm looking forward to achieving.

What’s next for Max in 2024?

In 2024, I'm committed to achieving my CMIOSH qualification and spearheading several key initiatives. One such initiative is the introduction of a workwear recycling program, aligning with our Group ESG strategy's target of at least 50% recycled PPE and workwear by 2027. Additionally, I'm passionate about exploring how our SHEQ strategy can be further utilised across the group, particularly regarding driver risk management.

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