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Getting to know Neil Richardson, Group IT Director

Meet the people behind our success as we unveil the stories, passions, and expertise of our dedicated team. Discover how their experience enables us to become a trusted environmental services partner for clients across the UK. This time, let's get to know Neil Richardson, Group IT Director.

How did you get involved with IT?

My journey into the IT world began at Unilever as a graduate trainee. I subsequently then had opportunities in diverse organisations like Ernst & Young and the Cabinet Office. Throughout my career, I've worked in a variety of manufacturing companies, global organisations and organisations that have grown through acquisition. While I enjoy the practical side of IT, I really enjoy working with people, and thrive on collaboration and find immense satisfaction in developing solutions that deliver real benefits for business. This philosophy aligns perfectly with my role at Adler and Allan, which I joined three months ago.

What are the significant IT opportunities at Adler and Allan?

Adler and Allan's IT department is well-respected, known for its consistent and reliable service. However, while the existing infrastructure has served the company well, there's an opportunity to evolve and grow its IT capabilities. The current system provides a solid foundation, but it's crucial to assess how it can support the company's aspirations for the next few years, particularly with potential future acquisitions on the horizon. Balancing the need to preserve the strengths of the existing service with the need to explore new possibilities will be key to guiding the company's future.

What are the big opportunities in IT?

At Adler and Allan, a key focus will be evaluating our existing applications to ensure they align with our evolving business needs and foster future growth. We also plan to examine and potentially update our field service solutions, ensuring they effectively meet the requirements of our technicians and enable them to perform their best work.

Cybersecurity will undoubtedly remain a key concern in the digital age, demanding ongoing vigilance and proactive strategies. Additionally, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) presents a fascinating prospect. Exploring its potential applications within our business, particularly in areas like data-driven analytics for insightful reporting and predictive maintenance powered by historical data analysis, could be very beneficial.

What has been your biggest achievement to date?

Professionally, leading the global implementation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system stands as a significant accomplishment. This three-year project not only yielded efficiency gains but also offered invaluable insights into the company's operations.

What are your hobbies and interests?

In my personal life, I love participating in triathlons with friends and family. I’m not a particularly great triathlete but I love having a focus to get me out the door training during the colder months. Now that my children are independent, I have newfound time and freedom to explore new possibilities.

What’s next for Neil in 2024?

For Adler and Allan, the focus in 2024 and beyond lies in building upon the strong foundation that exists and guiding the company towards a mature state. This involves outlining a clear roadmap, a shared vision that defines where we want to be and how we can get there together. I am confident that by collaborating with the talented team at Adler and Allan, we can navigate and leverage the ever-evolving IT landscape to achieve our collective goals and ensure the continued success of the company.

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