Bund cleaning

Bund cleaning and maintenance

Bund cleaning is key to ensuring that your bunded oil tank remains in top condition and compliant with related UK legislation.

Adler & Allan provides bund cleaning and maintenance services to empty, restore and preserve your bund integrity. It is recommended that bund cleaning is undertaken regularly so that any defects in the bund wall or lining are detected and repaired promptly.

From storage tanks to retail forecourts and major refinery and military holding tanks, we deliver bunded tank cleaning using the most advanced technologies available to ensure that tanks are taken out of use for the minimum time.

Ongoing maintenance

To help reduce bund maintenance costs, extend life and save money on unnecessary replacements, Adler & Allan’s bund lining system can be applied; an innovative coating producing exceptional return to work time for assets. It is extremely fast setting – minutes not days – creating a useable surface within 24 hours. The system can be applied to damp substrates, gives excellent waterproofing and chemical resistance, ideal for tank and bund lining.

Tested to ASTM standards, the bund lining system works on almost any substrate, and being eco-friendly with low or no solvents or VOCs, works well in confined spaces. It withstands expansion, contraction and a wide range of temperatures.

Our linings are suitable for a vast range of applications and are currently used in the Electrical Utilities, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Marine, Forecourts and Water industries.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Bund cleaning Online Enquiry Form.

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