The Project

At Pasturefield and Weston substations, two transformers in close proximity to domestic properties were not contained, posing a potential ground contamination risk should any of the seals fail.

Both transformers were located in restricted compounds with shared access through a neighbouring property, neither site had any drainage infrastructure and at Weston there was the additional problem of no 240v supply.

Adler and Allan was approached to come up with a solution to mitigate the risk of oil contamination to comply with Environment Agency regulations, while causing as little disruption as possible to the adjoining neighbours.




The Solution

To contain oil and protect against flooding, Adler & Allan’s patented modular flood defence system JBAR® was installed, fitted to the existing concrete plinths of both substations. JBAR® is a unique system designed to safeguard key assets, such as utility compounds, substations, external plant and associated structures. Developed initially to deal with oil containment, JBAR®, featuring an integrated sump, is a dual purpose product, which can retain and/or withstanding fluids from either side.

To combat the issue of power supply at Weston, needed for the oil discriminating pumps, Adler & Allan developed a hybrid power unit, incorporating solar photovoltaics and a small wind turbine.

At both sites, there was nowhere for the oil discriminating pumps to discharge. Adler & Allan designed a mini separator (BoxSep) which was approved by the Environment Agency as a filtration point. A soakaway was then constructed for discharge to ground.

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The Outcome

Both sites were completed within five days, with minimum disruption to neighbouring properties.

Using innovative technologies, such as JBAR®, Adler & Allan helped the client to safeguard their substation and the surrounding area, meet regulations and reduce their carbon footprint. This approach has now been rolled out to a range of sites.