The Project

In 2008, Adler and Allan was chosen by the Olympic Development Authority (ODA) to run a robust, secure supply chain for fuel to the London 2012 Games construction-phase site contractors.



The Solution

Adler and Allan’s site fuel station at the Olympic Park was designed and implemented in-house through a team of fuel installation and supply personnel, expert in providing facilities and product to precise, measurable service delivery criteria. Working on an unusual and potentially hazardous site, surrounded by waterways, A&A’s team set about the design and build of an efficient, removable fuel station, completing well within the three-month deadline.

Adler and Allan Fuel Services managed the contract to supply over 25 million litres of fuel from the site, operating and manning the Fuel Station with compliant staff, trained to the highest standards of safety and quality. The site provided a simple to use, stable, retail-style fuel service, with vehicle recognition capability for customer collections, and a base for the rigid fuel tankers that made over 10,000 bulk deliveries on the Olympic Park. All operations had to be carried out under stringent security procedures and to specific timed delivery schedules.

As the construction phase approached completion at the end of 2011, Adler and Allan won the contract to supply, on behalf of BP, all the fuel for the 600-plus generators providing main-line and back-up power to over 40 Olympic venues around the country. This involved employing 12 rigid tankers on a 24/7 basis from May to September 2012. Initially, the tanks fuelled the generators and supporting bulk storage tanks, replenishing through a robust testing phase, progressing to round the clock operations at the peak of the Games themselves.

Throughout the project, the company was required to operate to the highest HSE and security requirements and successfully completed over two thousand individual deliveries.

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The Outcome

"On behalf of BP Oil UK, can I thank you for your commitment in helping deliver a fantastic Olympic Games for London. You have contributed to delivering three million litres of gas oil to some 1650 generator fuel tanks, the fleet has covered a distance of 37,500 kilometres around the UK.

This has been achieved whilst working to some very demanding deadlines, tight security protocols and some very challenging delivery points, in some of London's most environmentally sensitive locations. An outstanding achievement that you should feel very proud of. Well done and thank you." Brian Hallett, BP