Chemical compliance and 24-7 chemical emergency advice

Why do I need chemical compliance and 24-7 chemical emergency advice?

  • Call us on 0333 6002424 if you need emergency chemical advice
  • You may need a 24-7 emergency level 1 multi-lingual advice service to ship chemicals
  • Remain compliant with international regulatory regimes and legislative changes
  • You may need to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSA) to inspect and audit your operations, offer advice, and make recommendations
  • You need to supply or translate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for your hazardous products
  • You need help complying with legislation like REACH, CLP or Poison Centre notification
  • CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation) classification advice

Why Adler and Allan?

  • The majority of our advisers are graduate chemists
  • All our advisors have DGSA qualifications
  • Only provider on the market with advice, response, and clean-up in-house
  • Experience in supply and transport legislation including CLP, GHS, and REACH

How does the 24-7 Emergency Advice line work?

Under REACH, suppliers of chemicals and hazardous goods have an obligation to provide an emergency telephone number. They may also need one to move goods by road in the UK or by air.

The 24-7 Emergency Advice line not only helps companies to comply with legislation but goes beyond this. The calls are answered directly by expert Incident Advisors who are trained to build up a picture of the situation and then use their expertise and product information (e.g. Safety Data Sheets and other sources) to advise on the best actions to take to minimise the risk to people, the environment and property.

The Incident Advisor will assess whether the incident requires the intervention of the emergency services or whether a specialist clean-up is needed.

If the emergency services are either in attendance or deemed necessary, then we can provide the key information to them in a timely fashion to let them carry out their own risk assessment.

Adhering to international chemical legislation

Our global and multi-lingual 24-7 Emergency Advice service can also be used to provide advice to those dealing with incidents involving hazardous goods, in the language of the caller.  We also have a number of domestic numbers around the world to help meet national laws for exporting of chemical products (eg China, Australia, New Zealand etc).

In Europe, access to 24-hour advice in the language of the Member State can be used as part of a “reduced submission” to registering SDS with Poison Centres in EU Member States. For more information visit:

Chemical clean-up and response

Supplementing our chemical advice, we provide in-house specialist emergency chemical response and clean up services in the UK.

Chemical compliance

Our expert team of Chemical Compliance Advisors specialise in chemical transport and supply legislation, including CLP, GHS and REACH ensuring you remain compliant with international regulatory regimes and legislative changes.

Safety data sheets

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be supplied with substances and mixtures that are hazardous to heath, in accordance with the REACH Regulations in Europe (and equivalent legislation in other parts of the world). Additionally, all substances and mixtures should be classified to GHS (as CLP within Europe). We can advise on GHS/CLP as well as authoring SDS and offering an SDS translation and adaption service.

Dangerous Goods Safety Advice (DGSA)

Do you handle or receive chemicals or send them by road transport? There is a legal requirement (under Section 1.8.3 of ADR) for anyone involved in the loading, intermediate unloading, or transportation of dangerous goods to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser DGSA within ADR signatory countries.

We have a team of qualified DGSAs that can inspect and audit your operations, offer advice, make recommendations, and provide you with an annual report. We can also advise you on the movement of chemicals by other modes (air, sea, or rail).

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