Fuel uplift and replacement

Bank data centre

The challenge

Data and network centres depend on fuel powered generators to provide business-critical back-up power to ensure continuity of operation in the event of a power cut.

As part of the UK’s bold environmental commitments to improve air quality, champion greener fuels, and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, it was announced in the 2020 budget that many sectors will lose their entitlement to use red diesel from April 2022.  

Keen to be proactive, Adler and Allan was approached by one of the four major banks looking to replace their existing hydrocarbon fuel for their back-up generators with a greener alternative. 

Location A had over 3000 litres of gas oil and location B had 8,000 litres of gas oil which need to be uplifted and replaced. As this is deemed critical infrastructure, the works had to be carried out, out of hours.

Our response

Adler and Allan attended each site to complete the grade change after 22:00 to avoid disruption to the infrastructure during the critical daytime operation of the sites. HVO fuel GreenD+ was agreed as a replacement for the red diesel.

3,600 litres of gas oil was uplifted from location A and 8,000 litres of gas oil was uplifted from location B.  At both sites the lines and tanks were flushed out before replenishing the tanks with 4,000 litres of Green D+ and  8,000 litres of Green D+ respectively. 

The uplifted fuel was cleaned and recycled back into the retail market.

The outcome

Green D+ is a cost-effective drop-in solution for all diesel users. This HVO fuel is manufactured from sustainable, renewable feed-stocks. 

It lasts longer in tanks and gives better fuel stability, but most importantly, it greatly reduces emissions when compared to standard diesel.  NOx is reduced by up to 30%, particulates by over 85% and greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by up to 90%.

By switching to a greener fuel, this major bank has reduced their emissions resulting in a lower carbon footprint and a big step towards achieving net-zero.

The Adler and Allan difference

In a sector where the promise of power continuity can make or break businesses, sweeping changes to back-up generation systems could put contracts, customer relationships and critical services on the line.

Our one-stop-shop solutions mean we can help you expertly tackle the immediate task of red diesel replenishment and shape a cost-effective, compliant and sustainable environmental strategy for the future – while continuing to deliver on the strictest of SLAs.

We have a detailed understanding of your operations, assets, and risk profile, critical for data and network storage facilities, whose prime deliverable is peace of mind.

We have the equipment and expertise to undertake the replacement of red diesel including tank cleaning, line flushing, and the uplift of current stores to make way for onward fuel.

As well as performing the complex fuel transfer process, we can carry out a comprehensive portfolio survey to ensure your infrastructure is fit for purpose going forward. A full estate inspection will identify structural and functional weaknesses – linked to age, internal corrosion, and exposure to the elements – that could lead to service failures, pollution events, and punitive fines under increasingly tough environmental laws.

We help you intelligently spread investment and mitigate the financial burden of building a greener business and ultimately achieving net-zero.