Case study - Red diesel changeover

Large retail distribution organisation

The challenge

We assisted a large retail distribution organisation with their changeover of red diesel.

From April 2022 many sectors will lose their red diesel fuel tax entitlement. The reforms support the UK’s bold environmental commitments to improve air quality, champion greener fuels, and reach Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Distribution organisations with bulk storage tanks for vehicles fitted with ancillary equipment, such as retail distribution HGV refrigeration and freezer units, and coach heating units, are impacted by the change.

Given the huge demands on the transport sector minimising downtime was critical.

Our solution

Initially we supported with calculating their stock usage and rundown period. We then tested the quality of their fuel in our dedicated lab to help them to prioritise running down low-quality stocks first. Any heavily contaminated fuel was polished to increase its efficiency and reduce contamination to onward fuel.

Before a tank clean and inspection could take place, we uplifted any remaining fuel and flushed the lines. There is a requirement to remove all the red dye from tanks, and it is important to avoid contaminating new high value fuel by putting it into a contaminated tank.

We then undertook man-entry tank inspection and clean on larger assets and used our AdlerView™ non-man entry tank cleaning and inspection device on smaller inaccessible assets to check the tanks integrity and clean them.

We also changed the signage on the pumps and gauges. As red diesel is a class 3 product it doesn’t require a DSEAR report, however white diesel is a class 2 product so to ensure compliance we performed a hazardous zone electrical inspection and generated a DSEAR report. The tanks were now ready for the onward product.

The last part of the process was to perform a storage assessment to provide a health check of the entire fuelling infrastructure.

The solution

Our activity ensured that this operation is compliant well in advance of the changes in red diesel legislation as well as ensuring the safety and efficiency of the operation. Our strategic activity limited operational downtime and maximised the efficiency of the client’s vehicles.

What makes us better

We understand the demands on the transport sector. There is already a HGV driver shortage so minimising downtime is critical.

Our nationwide coverage and in-house services, combined with specialist expertise, such as confined space entry, to the right kit and equipment all in-house, ensured we could deliver an exceptional service while minimising downtime and risk.