Effectively manage your operation through the journey out of lockdown

Are you ready for a change in use pattern following the Government’s ‘route out of lockdown’ announcement?

You may be re-opening your site after being completely closed; your operation may have continued but with reduced use, or your usage may not have changed. Combine this with the extreme weather we have just experienced, all of which could impact your critical assets.

Here are some environmental considerations to ensure your operation continues to remain compliant and doesn’t cause damage that could lead to more unnecessary downtime.

Restarting critical equipment

If you haven’t been running equipment like tanks, pumps and fuelling systems while the lockdown has been in force, you might find when you restart them, they don’t work or aren’t as effective. We can visit your site to service critical equipment before you switch it back on, to ensure everything is in good working order. We can also diagnose and solve problems, such as degraded fuel quality in generator tanks, to get them back up and running, minimising further disruption to your operation.

Servicing ongoing equipment

Equipment such as septic tanks and drainage which have continued to operate throughout the winter with minimal or no supervision will require servicing especially after the extremely cold weather where cracks could have formed in equipment such as bunds and separators. We can visit your site to ensure these systems are operating effectively and compliantly and resolve any problems such as cracked bund lining or blocked separator filters.

Emergency spill response

If your equipment hasn’t been in use during lockdown or there has been a change in usage there is a small possibility that hazardous materials could have leaked, or maintenance issues due to less frequent servicing could cause a spill when equipment is restarted. We can get to your site quickly and deal with a spill of any hazardous or polluting material compliantly and effectively. We can also remove and dispose of any waste.


You might find your site has been used for illegal fly-tipping if it has been unmanned. You may also find a build-up of potentially hazardous bird guano. Don’t let a build-up of waste delay the re-opening of your operation. We can quickly remove any waste, including hazardous materials and bird guano, so you can focus on getting your operation back up and running.


We also offer a professional preventative or emergency Coronavirus decontamination service to give your colleagues peace of mind to return to work safely.

Call us to ensure equipment maintenance issues don’t cause any more unnecessary downtime as the country transitions out of lockdown.