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Detectronic's LIDoTT® is UK’s first battery-powered event duration monitor to gain MCERTS certification

Published: 10 April 2024

LIDoTT® is a multi-sensor monitoring system designed and developed by Group company Detectronic, specialists in wastewater monitoring. It is the UK’s first battery-powered event duration monitor to gain MCERTS certification. This significant achievement demonstrates the monitoring performance of LIDoTT® against the strict standards set out for event duration monitors.

LIDoTT® measures wastewater in sewers with millimetric accuracy. This makes it an essential level monitor for event duration monitoring.

Explains Neil Butler, managing director at Detectronic: “The MCERTS-certified LIDoTT® devices are battery-powered level monitoring devices. And this point is key; every other event duration level monitor that has MCERTS certification is mains-powered. We’re the first company in the water industry to achieve the certification for battery-powered event duration level monitors.

“As such, this represents a significant milestone in the field of wastewater monitoring as it means that the LIDoTT® system can be used for event duration monitoring in all catchments, including remote locations.”

Continues Neil: “One of the main challenges with event duration monitoring has been figuring out how to effectively get power to isolated or secluded locations within a catchment. The Government instructed water companies to have event duration monitors in place at all combined sewer overflows (CSOs) by the end of 2023. And from 1 April 2025, any new or replacement event duration monitor must be an MCERTS certified product. Water companies must submit an annual report highlighting the number of spill events and the duration of every event."

MCERTS is the Environment Agency's Monitoring Certification Scheme for equipment, personnel and organisations. Providing the framework for businesses and water companies to meet quality requirements, compliance with MCERTS gives the Environment Agency confidence in the monitoring of emissions or discharges into the environment. Achieving MCERTS certification means that LIDoTT® meets and exceeds the high standards for data quality required for EDM reporting.

Concludes Neil: “We’re delighted to be able to enhance our client offering with this latest development. Not only does MCERTS certification add another layer of credibility to the LIDoTT®, it also enhances Detectronic’s reputation in the regulatory market.”

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