Case study - Protective Internal Tank Lining

RAF Marham

The Project

At military base, RAF Marham, a storage tank for aviation kerosene was identified as needing a protective lining. Protective coatings and linings prolong the life of essential assets and in the case of tanks, will prevent fuel contamination from the ingress of water and avoid the need for expensive replacements.

The tank is steel, encased in reinforced concrete and following an inspection it was identified that the internal tank casing, floor, first metre of shell and roof support columns all needed protecting.

The Solution

The tank and supporting columns were coated in Interline 984, a solvent-free, epoxy phenolic lining system. Applied in a single coat, Interline 984 offers chemical resistance to a wide range of applications.

As this coating is resistant to crude, refined petrochemicals and biofuels, it is the ideal choice for use in storage tanks. The product is solvent-free, with low VOCs and complies with immersion testing requirements of EI1350 for aviation fuel storage.

The Outcome

The project took six-weeks in total to complete, before and after the application of protective coating, the tank was cleaned thoroughly to ensure it was ready for use straight away.