The Project

Our client provides total facilities management to MOD sites in the South East. On the majority of these sites, there is an oil storage infrastructure in a variety of forms supplying fuel to a generator, boiler or a vehicle refuelling stations. These all need regular maintenance to minimise the risk of failure to critical services and also regular Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) keeps operational downtime to a minimum.

The Solution

Since 2009, Adler and Allan have been looking after this infrastructure, carrying out planned preventative maintenance at regular intervals, dependent on M&E equipment usage, regulatory guidance and any reactive works commissioned. Tasks range from simple visual inspection of equipment to full internal tank inspection and replacement of parts. The regular planned preventative maintenance programme has proven to reduce the amount of call-outs throughout the year. The PPM service also reduced the risk of an environmental disaster occurring by making sure all equipment transferring or storing oil is fit for purpose. The benefits of PPM are many and can be broken down into a handful of distinct groups. No matter how you approach the idea, the bottom line is more productivity with greater potential profits for the company.

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The Outcome

What are the Benefits of Planned Maintenance/PPM?: Scheduling: Planned maintenance allows front-line supervisors and managers to spend more time managing production and less time dealing with the consequences of system failures. Reduce costs: It is far more cost-effective to use minimal supplies in keeping a system in top operating condition than to invest in replacement apparatus or extensive parts lists. Prevent employee downtime: Preventive maintenance avoids such unexpected machine failures and helps keep the company running smoothly without undue interruption. Increase Equipment Life: Equipment that is well-cared for will last longer, whether you are cleaning the fuel tank, changing the oil in a fork truck or checking for oil leaks.