The Project

Yorkshire's oldest brewery and four of their public houses, were flooding during the 2016 winter flooding. The premises required flood clean-up and sanitisation of areas and equipment to restore hygiene, so the brewery and pubs could return to operations.




The Solution

Adler & Allan quickly deployed its flood response and environmental services teams to draw-up plans of the affected areas and begin carefully emptying the rooms of equipment and stored items; such as gas bottles and beer kegs; in order for works to begin. Meanwhile, a sanitising, sampling and biological testing programme was devised and instructions given for implementation. A Technical Response Manager was deployed to coordinate the swabbing, storage and transport of biological samples in order to conform to the methods required for testing. Adler & Allan’s crews were equipped with tankers, jetters, sprayers, as well as response and sanitisation vehicles, in order to quickly get to work on cleaning the emptied areas. Sanitisation was carried out using specialist products conforming to the correct EN Standard. Each area had its own sanitisation plan, with cleaning focused on ensuring that contamination was not re-introduced. Locations designated with a high likelihood for human contact were swabbed for bacterial testing.

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The Outcome

The quick response and thorough approach provided by Adler & Allan, utilising the correct materials and testing regime, lead to the properties being restored to a validated clean and hygienic state; all to the customer’s satisfaction.