The Project

Electrical insulating oil leaking from a buried cable had entered a land drain and was polluting a sensitive watercourse at a Country Park in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. Emergency response was required to protect the watercourse, followed by ground investigation to determine the extent of contaminated soil and groundwater in the vicinity of the leak. Remediation measures were then needed to prevent further pollution and mitigate the long term risks to the environment.

The Solution

A&A staff installed pollution prevention measures to prevent oil from entering the stream. A series of boreholes were drilled to confirm geological and hydrogeological conditions and delineate the contamination. A product recovery trench was then installed to prevent further oil from migrating to the stream, after which the contaminated soils were excavated for treatment on site. The soils were remediated to a target concentration agreed with the Environment Agency as suitable for protection of controlled waters. Treated soils were returned to the excavation on completion and the affected parkland reinstated to the satisfaction of the City Council. Post completion monitoring has demonstrated successful completion of the project.

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The Outcome

A verification report was issued in spring 2011 demonstrating completion to the satisfaction of the Environment Agency and our client.