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Self-service fuel station installation: Helping a remote island community transition their energy requirements

Published: 25 July 2022


The Isle of Tiree is a remote island off the coast of Scotland (a four-hour ferry ride away from the mainland) with a population of 653 people.

We were contracted to erect a self-service community fuel station, with all the related infrastructure and drainage required to operate. It would be an unmanned refuelling station – the first of its kind on the island.

Previously, there were two pumps managed by a couple who are retiring, which would have removed any source of fuel from the island.

Our solution

Working with local contractors, we decommissioned the existing fuel infrastructure before installing two underground tanks, two fuel pumps, an interceptor, sustainable urban drainage, parking bays, above-ground fuel infrastructure, gas oil tanks, control kiosks, and a tanker delivery stand.

What we did

The work required deep excavations five metres below ground level and the installation of a dewatering system to reduce the water table level and to keep water out of the excavation.

Civil engineering

Our civil engineering teams constructed a steel cage for the fuel tank and interceptor base and installed the anchor points.

They lifted and installed the tanks and secured them down to the anchor points using straps before surrounding the tanks in concrete.

Slab area levels were raised with formation work for the edgings and kerbs. They also installed bunds around all above-ground tanks to protect the environment.

Fuel infrastructure services

Our fuel infrastructure services and hazardous electrical teams installed and connected all fuel lines, ducting, pump frames, pumps, above-ground tanks and the kiosk.


Our drainage experts installed drainage which runs from the tanker slab through the interceptor and exits through the soakaway.

Environmental consultancy

Our environmental consultancy teams replaced topsoil and seeded the landscape area before installing bee mounds at the back of the site to boost biodiversity.

The outcome

This project has been a lifeline for the community, allowing them to continue to access fuel on the island.

The self-service nature of the fuel station will allow residents and business owners to fuel the vehicles at any time of the day or night, which will allow businesses on the island to operate much more efficiently.

The project has transformed an ageing infrastructure into an energy infrastructure ready for the future.

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