Supporting businesses with the environmental principles of the UN Global Compact

The 12th December marked the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement on climate. The UN Global Compact aims to give businesses around the world a framework of principles to support the delivery of the Paris Agreement to achieve Net Zero by 2050 through the environment pillar of the compact.

It calls on companies to align its strategies and operations creating policy and procedures to establish a culture of integrity.

At the core of what we do is environmental risk reduction which makes us well placed to support your business to deliver on the responsibilities of the environment pillar of the Global Compact.

Prevention rather than remediation

Principle seven requires businesses to establish a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. It acknowledges that preventing environmental damage may cost more in implementation costs, however, it is also true that environmental remediation will cost significantly more in clean up, legal fees and reputation damage. You can read more about the true costs of a spill in our blog here.

We recommend working with you to assess your sites’ environmental risks and building a strategy of preventative maintenance and infrastructure updates, such as ensuring your bund lining is secure. The strategy will be designed in line with your budget and based on a priority risk score to ensure you tackle the most urgent risks first.

Having a contract with a nationwide spill response provider such as ourselves means in the event of a spill, we already know your sites and can respond quickly and compliantly to reduce your environmental impact.

Innovation and responsibility

Principle eight challenges businesses to be responsible and innovative, ensuring their operations do not cause harm to the environment. Following a process of environmental risk assessment, we can provide innovative, pragmatic solutions to your environmental challenges, wherever they may exist.

Our innovative AdlerCoat™ technology, for example, ensures your bund will contain any fuel or hazardous materials you have stored in your tanks, protecting the local environment from contamination. Our partners Leighton O’Brien deliver data driven leak detection modules to the downstream market, protecting both the environment and their bottom line.

Environmentally friendly technology

Principle nine challenges businesses to consider options for environmentally friendly technologies. Our business was built on hydrocarbon technology. However, as the world transitions away from fossil fuels, we remain at the forefront of designing and maintaining new energy infrastructure. We can help you build a suitable maintenance regime for biofuels, synthetic fuels, hydrogen, and other renewable infrastructure such as electric vehicle charging.

We shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that a green future doesn’t come with risks, and liquid fuels like hydrogen or renewables are still potentially hazardous and require appropriate environmental protection measures. We understand the complexities of these alternative energies and the changes in regimes required to ensure you remain compliant and they continue to deliver on their investment.

A Global challenge

The UN Global Compact is a Global initiative challenging companies to uphold their basic responsibilities to people and the planet. As a business we take the responsibilities of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption very seriously and have policies in place to prevent abuse.

Our business is also well placed to support other organisations with the environment principles, and we can work with you to put strategies and policies in place to demonstrate your commitment to these. Call us today to discuss these options.