EquiSeal – Protective coating for the Equestrian market

Adler and Allan have developed a unique protective coating for the equestrian market.  EquiSeal, is one of the toughest and most durable stable linings and protective coatings available providing a more hygienic environment for horses.

What is EquiSeal?

EquiSeal is a fast setting, high performance, spray-applied polyurea elastomer which not only provides structural integrity to equestrian facilities but is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Toxin free and 100% waterproof, this tried and tested stable lining reduces maintenance and is more cost effective compared to traditional methods such as rubber matting.  The coating is extremely resilient and will withstand expansion, contraction and a wide range of temperatures, safeguarding the structure of the building.

How does the EquiSeal work?

EquiSeal is sprayed onto stable walls and floors (on concrete or on top of rubber matting), creating a wall to wall seal compared to more traditional methods of simply laying rubber matting directly onto the floor.  This ensures there are no gaps for general waste to filter beneath which can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. To create an anti-slip surface for horses, a drift spray is applied on top.  You’ll no longer have to spend time removing heavy mats to clean the floors, reducing both time and maintenance costs.

EquiSeal key features include:

  • Quick to apply, even in confined spaces. Usable in an hour and fully cured after 24 hours.
  • Quick and easy to clean reducing maintenance costs – simply hose down.
  • Sealed wall to wall reducing likelihood of bacteria developing.
  • Contains an anti-bacterial property therefore is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including ammonia in urine (needs re-applying periodically).
  • Slip proof
  • Toxin free.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • 5 year warranty.

We currently have two packages available depending on your requirements:

Silver Package – Grey polyurea lining is applied on top of rubber matting and walls.  We clean, prepare, prime and lay new rubber matting before spraying the grey protective coating on top.  The coating keeps the matting in place ensuring no gaps and a seamless joint with little possibility of bacteria developing underneath.

Gold Package – Our polyurea lining is applied on top of rubber matting and walls ensuring a seamless joint. We clean, prepare, prime and lay new rubber matting before your choice from our range of multi-colour systems is applied on top of the rubber surface on the floor and to the walls.

EquiSeal is suitable to be used with the following:

  • Stable floors
  • Stable walls
  • Stud/foaling boxes
  • Stable aisles
  • Wash areas/solariums
  • Isolation bays
  • Horse walkers
  • Hydro pools
  • Operating rooms
  • Trailers (floors and walls)

For more information on how the product can be used or to arrange your free site visit, please contact us on 0800 592 827.

Adler & Allan’s Equine team

Seraya Simcoe

SerayaSeraya started riding at the age of 10 at a local riding school and has been involved with horses ever since, as an owner and working alongside them. She has worked over the years on numerous yards; showing, competition, dressage, liveries, and in 2011 qualified as a Merishia Animal Massage Therapist for both equine and canine. Seraya always produced her own horses, varying in breed and discipline, from former race horses to cobs, competing in affiliated dressage to riding happy hackers. In July ’17, she completed her first affiliated British Eventing BE80 on her home produced traditional cob, finishing with a respectable dressage score and a double clear, really proving that ‘cobs can’!

Seraya joined Adler & Allan in January 2016, working with the business development team and has seen EquiSeal in action first hand.  She is very excited to be bringing it to the equestrian market.

Lauren Dance

LaurenLauren has ridden and owned horses since she was 4 years old. She has been heavily involved in the equestrian market for the last 20 years, including competing and training in dressage up to PSG including competing at numerous Regional and National finals. Lauren graduated with an Honours degree in Equine Business Management and is a fully qualified instructor and graduate from the British Dressage Apprenticeship scheme to trainer level. She has also previously worked and trained with professional riders including GB Olympic riders.

Lauren joined Adler & Allan in Spring 2017 as part of the National Operations Team.


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